Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

heater is blowing cold air

Your HVAC system is complicated and only an expert technician should repair or replace it.  If you are stating “Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?”, you should complete the form below to schedule and appointment to have your furnace repaired or replaced.

Did you turn on your heating system and it stated blowing cold air?  This can be very frustrating especially because it is cold.  Having a properly running HVAC system is very important.  The HVAC system is very complicated and should be only repaired by a certified technician.

There are a few steps you can do yourself if your heater is blowing cold air.  The first thing and usually the problem is the thermostat.  Check your thermostat to see the settings. Having the fan turned to the on position will cause the HVAC to blow cold air through your home because the heater is not running.  Turn the setting to automatic so that the fan will run only when the heater is running.

The next step is to check your air filter.  A dirty air filter will cause the fan motor to work extra hard to draw air in.  This may cause the system to shut down and only blow out cold air.  Make sure you change your air filters routinely.

The system’s pilot light may not be functioning properly.   Don’t try and fix this yourself.  Not only will you void the warranty, you may cause further damage.

These are just a few tips you solve your problem of why my heater is blowing cold air.  Only have your HVAC system repaired by a certified technician.  We have the best certified repair technicians to repair or replace your HVAC.


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